November 27, 2020

Revamped the landing page

Rong Liew @tianrongliew

We recently revamped our landing page in preparation of our official launch of Showwcase. We're finally at the stage where we want to publicly share Showwcase in different communities and wanted to polish our site accordingly.

Also, now that we have a lot more to offer on the platform, we wanted the landing page the reflect that so people could learn more.

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    Hey @tianrongliew love the design on the website. It's very neat and straight to the point. A few suggestions from my side, if you don't mind :)

    1. The header title was vague and I thought it was a website where tech workers could all the latest trending tech news (which obviously isn't the case)

    2. The sub title makes sense but feel could be further improved.

    3. How about making Join Showwcase a button to make it more visible for users?

    4. The network activity and Suggestion accounts is something I have not seen in other similar sites so kudos for it. It's certainly a value added feature.

    A few months back I created this weekend project to just display ideas of improving each section of the website, hope it helps

    Have a good weekend.

    1. 1

      Hey @Nakkeeran! Appreciate the feedback, always looking to improve and this is very helpful.

      1. Yes it will be! It'll be community driven and when we launch at the end of the week, it'll allow you to share quick updates on what's happening.
      2. Anything specific here you think we can change?
      3. Noted!
      4. Thanks!

      Took a look at the website and was very useful.

      Have a great holiday season!

      1. 1

        Ideas for the #2

        -I think the word "Tech workers" can be replaced with maybe Founders? or Makers?

        • Find new opportunities - does it mean jobs? or does it mean new partnerships? Again the words could be rephrased.

        Hope this helps.

        1. 1

          Hey @Nakkeeran, got me thinking a lot. Hmmmm. It's not purely for Founders or Makers, as I think a home for that is more like Makerpad, Makerhub, or even IH. Though, of course, a lot of people in tech are makers and founders.

          Our reference to new opportunities will span future of work opportunities for tech workers. Remote jobs, part-time work, creator economy. I think there is a lot that we can experiment with if we can first represent tech workers holistically and build the community. That's our focus right now.

          Love the discussion! Thanks so much

          1. 2

            True. Makers do not necessarily want to be founders as in they just love creating/playing with new technology and then move onto the next thing.

            An interesting angle on the new opportunities, makers could team up build new products or even get notified of new job opportunities based on their tech skill set.

            1. 2

              Love that. We think focussing on getting people to share what they're working on is the first step to creating new opportunities to connect and meet others.

              People in tech are always tinkering, we hope they can share it on Showwcase!

              1. 1

                More and more makers are building in public these days so Showwcase could very well be a good platform for these makers.

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