November 1, 2019

Launched Developer APIs


The Shrimpy team launched our developer APIs Today.


These APIs provide a way for cryptocurrency traders, developers, and institutions to build robust trading services without the requirement of linking to each exchange with custom infrastructure.

Lessons we learned:

  1. Some of the biggest value you can provide for your development community is having clear documentation and strong communication.
  2. Providing access to some free endpoints can bring a lot of benefits to the community.
  3. Iterate quickly and fix issues rapidly. This earns the respect of your development community and allows them to trust that your making every effort to make their experience perfect.
  4. Open up channels for developers to provide feedback and ask questions. Technical projects can require specifications that you may not have considered. This feedback allows you to rapidly iterate.

We learned a lot more than just this, but I think these are the major takeaways that everyone can learn from.

Shrimpy Team

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