Re Launch with new features

Shub.one announces the Re-launch of its business social media platform for professional networking. The platform helps professionals, influencers, brands and businesses showcase their products and services while cross-posting to all major social media channels.

Users can now share unlimited content free of charge from their news stream across LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. Current features under development include cross-posting to Pinterest & Instagram this will also be unlimited and free to use.

User profiles allow brands and businesses to share news, links, images, text, and video content to the News Stream which features an up-vote and down-vote system to minimize fake news and troll posts. The echo feature allows users to share other users content on their news stream instantly whilst the Social Share feature allows cross posting to the other major social media sites.

A beautifully uncluttered user-friendly interface where brands and businesses can create a professional profile page with a unique domain name whilst adding links to all of their external online content. Each profile is assigned a unique QR code for easy sharing and also has a profile share feature that collects all the important profile details into a cut/paste function.

This feature-rich platform is designed to host business news, image & video galleries, resumes, recruitment updates, contact details, promotional content, external links, marketplace links, hashtags & more. The platform helps businesses share new product releases and service updates with millions of users across multiple social platforms and facilitates high-value viral business content.

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