November 19, 2019

Launched our MVP.

Matt Krandel @shuffltv

With absolutely no prior tech or coding experience, we leveraged some super powerful new platforms like Webflow, Zapier and Airtable (and a lot of Red Bull) to build an MVP for Shuffl TV that today is helping thousands of people discover the amazingly diverse world of digital video.

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    Really good start. I love concepts like this that allow me to just quickly flip from topics/channels as a way to quickly discover interesting content.

    I'm sure you've seen I use them quite frequently. One thing I like about them is they have non-conventional topics. Kinda neat to browse that way.

    I also use to catch up on latest news/latenight shows. I like that you can fave shows/channels/topics you like and will prioritize those.

    I dig the idea of filtering out content like the trump toggle thing.

    Looking forward to seeing how this evolves.

    Congrats and good luck!

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