September 10, 2019

Made a promo video (what I learned)

Patrik Krupar @pkrupar

I made my first promotional video for my SaaS! It's for Sidemail email marketing update we recently launched. A lot of new features were added, so making a video felt like the best way to show it all.

It's short (50 seconds), no fancy animations, but apart from that, I'd say it turned out pretty good. I loved the music at first, but now, I'm having nightmares from it, lol.


How I made it:


For windows users, like me, the trickiest part is the screen recording. I tried almost everything I could find:

  • ❌Windows Xbox capture (won't record browser built-in select inputs, alert windows, etc.)
  • ❌OBS (black screen issues, too complicated)
  • ❌whatever I could find on Github...

✔️ What I found out to be the best is Captura, an open-source, totally free, no watermarks, no sign-up, just a superb piece of software. The only issue I had was, I desperately wanted to record in 4k. However, my laptop couldn't handle it. Looking back, I should accept my defeat sooner because editing 4k footage would be a total nightmare, anyway.

I should also mention, I used it a few years back and didn't like it, but seems like it's getting popular and might be even a solid option if you get the $10/mo plan.


For video editing, I used Adobe Premiere Pro because I had some previous experience with it, but I would not recommend it if you never used it before. It's too complicated and overwhelming at first.

  • If you're in a hurry, use whatever you know or have access to - iMovie or Win10 pre-installed video editor or for Linux here is a list on askubuntu
  • If you're planning to make a lot of videos in the future, learning Premiere Pro might be your best bet - it won't go anywhere as it's industry standard and there's a tone of tutorials on YouTube. I recommend this 5-minute tutorial.

A big inspiration for my video was this Launchaco's video - I remember seeing it on ProductHunt and it just stuck with me. What I like about it is how simple and cleverly it's done (the way they move the logo at 35 seconds is the best part).


The music and sound effects (mouse click, keyboard typing, "woosh") are from SoundCloud.


Made a video for your product? Please share in the comments! :) About to make one? Good luck!

👉 And here's the Sidemail page with the video.

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