December 17, 2019

New Sidemail site is up!

Patrik Krupar @pkrupar

Completely new site is up!

It's the 7th iteration. 🤯 Here's what we've done differently this time:

  • To give visitors a better idea of what's Sidemail all about and how it looks, we replaced abstract illustrations with actual in-app screenshots.
  • Organized major Sidemail features into subpages called solutions. We've done long-tail research and this should help with SEO.
  • Kept things simple, for example, almost all sections on the new site use a simple two-column design which is easy for us to maintain.

What worked for us and we stuck to:

  • Our top priority was writing a copy that clearly communicates the outcomes and benefits of using Sidemail. We spent the most time on this as we're non-native English speakers – Grammarly to the rescue!
  • A long homepage where there is everything you need to know. I find short homepages a missed opportunity – the visitor just got here, why send him away, keep the conversation going.
  • Mobile-friendly and fast (static HTML on CDN).
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