November 28, 2019

First customer for one of my side project


I received my first customer's order in one of my side projects.

Here's the side project's description:
I made a chatbot service providing todo list function of LINE app. People in Taiwan use LINE a lot. The chatbot can help you memo todo list and send notification through the LINE app.

I setup a paid plan of $1USD per month, which is near the price of a bottle of coca cola here in Taiwan.

I was happy at the beginning when I saw the order and then felt stressed because I had responsibility to service the customer. Though I had been serving them for free for 3 months.

To be honest, I love to try news things instead of scaling business. But money can help me to try more things. That's what I am struggling now. To make more money from that side project, I need to do things I don't like to.