August 16, 2019

2000 Repeating Tweets Scheduled

Lincoln W Daniel @lwdthe1

Over the last few months, Signal has been growing steadily; a growth curve is even starting to form in the number of tweets we send on behalf of our users each day -- currently averaging around 1,200.

Today, we have 2,0005 repeating signals scheduled to send out tweets for our users on a repeating basis. This is quite wonderful. The number of new repeating signals added each day is slowly growing.

Expectedly, the number of no-repeating signals is vastly lower at 44. This is great because the point of Signal is to recycle your tweets. We only give the option of one-off signals as a courtesy and enabler of other features.

Our freemium limit is based around the number of repeating signals a user has at a given time. A free user can only have 10 repeating signals scheduled. With that, in order to grow revenue it is important for us to get more free user who reach the limit and can afford to upgrade for $7/month.

Right now, the math is adding up. We have 220 users actively using Signal. 2000 repeating signals scheduled. 19 paying customers. That's a ~9% conversion rate.

There are 201 people coming due on their limit and some will slowly convert to paid users.

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