April 8, 2020

Acquired SignalPod.net

Navin Lal @nlal

Today I registered SignalPod.net.

For those wondering what the name means, here's the story.

Signal is for extracting the signal from the noise. Our goal is to amplify the real signal of what people think will happen and filter out the noise from bad actors.

Pod is the name for a group of whales. Why whales? Whales use echolocation to navigate underwater where vision can be murky. They are also extremely social animals so I thought it would be a fun metaphor.

There you have it, SignalPod!

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    I think the word "acquired" might not be the right word. Not trolling but I felt click baited after clicking on this milestone.

    1. 1

      Whoops, hadn't thought of that.

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    Hey there.

    First of all, I agree is @shiva_prabhakaran, the title was really click-baity.
    Second of all, and, sorry if I'm rude, but from your description of what a signal and a pod is, in this post, I've still no idea what your startup does.

    Maybe some more (business centric) explanation or pitch would work?


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    Did you reach out to see how much the owner of signalpod.com wanted?

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      Yeah, I did ask after I bought the .net. They wanted $18k!