Update #5: 750 free subs + 15 paid + $347 in sales

Growth has been great. 80% of my current readers have join in the past 2 weeks. I did not foresee this happening.

I introduced continuous subscriptions: $5/month or $49/year. I think the price is very low, but it was crucial to get some initial customers to enable feedback, social proof and so forth.

I also did a launch offer: -50% offer for the first signups. That got me to 15 paid subscribers.

Sales are from (incl. discounted ones):
💵 10x yearly plans
💵 4x monthly plans
💵 1x one-off purchase

MRR is about $30/month.

How I got to 750 subs:
✅ Bought strategic ads from The Slice, Failory and Dense Discovery (good results from these).
✅ Submitted Signals to 50+ startup directories.
✅ Started posting reports to IH as series. This alone got me almost 400 subs.
✅ Continued posting also to Linkedin / Twitter.
✅ Still doing 1-on-1 convos and trying to have meaningful conversations with people.

❌ I'm seeing a very slight decline in open rates. Still over 50% though. Remains to be seen if this is a phenomenon of the overall growth or if something else is happening.
❌ I need to start thinking about using my time in the most effective way. I try to time-batch but there's a myriad of small things also to handle.

Twitter stats (02/2021):
🐦 I started tweeting in 01/2021.
🐦 02/2021 numbers:
🐦 115 tweets
🐦 17.6K impressions
🐦 4,045 profile visits
🐦 52 mentions
🐦 55 new followers

Next steps: getting to 1K subs, $1K in total sales and $100/MRR.

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