December 4, 2019

First paid customer and more leads with wish lists


Recently, we got our first paid customer who came from a previous post in a local web developers Facebook group. It felt nice but we got a pretty big list of things necessary for him to have in order to stay with us.

A couple of weeks I was just working on that features which revealed a few bugs that required some redoing of technical things but I completed everything.

Luckily, the client sincerely admitted that SignalZen yields better results than some of the competitors that go for free or even not for free. I don't know why, but he said it's true. Plus the tool seems intuitive, simple and gives what he needs. That is something what motivates I should say!

The idea behind starting another live chat solution in my case, was that I always missed simplicity in the other tools.

There are more leads considering using SignalZen, they are asking improvements also and I feel like this product got some energy by the feedback and wish lists of the leads. It's not anymore driven by me 100%, I got some real feedback which is so valuable at this point of the growth.

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