October 8, 2019

Got out from beta!


This Sunday I managed finally to wrap up the billing system for SignalZen and push all early adopters, that were almost bug-free using the service for long time, to trial period after which they should decide wether to stay with SignalZen.

Beta testing was pretty easy because no really critical bugs appeared and early adopters helped to drive the product even further than I could have expected. Big thanks for them!

It was long way before this step but I couldn't resist to try going paid as there are many of visitors asking about pricing. Seems like a good sign! Important point to note: we don't use any referral links in our agent widget and make it fully customisable as this is one of our goals - not to spam or distract client websites' visitors, maybe that's while people think it couldn't be free.

Anyways, I'm waiting for the next 2 weeks to understand who is who and what our early adopters thinking about giving some support for the product used by them.

It's time coming to do some marketing efforts and learn how to do this thing. I'm very happy that the technological part of building this product went pretty smooth and enjoyable.

Also, I feel big pleasure to know that the product is still simple and people using it drives its quality by their feedback.

We will see later about the pricing model by getting clients feedback, but for me it's primarily associates with the fair principle: pay for what you use fairly and remember that you would have to use your own resources to keep the agent running if you would have it made yourself. This is why we don't charge per operator or other some kind of air created condition.

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