February 13, 2020

Simple Analytics hits $4k MRR (showing numbers)

Adriaan van Rossum @adriaanvanrossum

From this month on I will start a monthly update on the progress of Simple Analytics. It will include profit, revenue, costs as well as updates on product level.

January. In this month we hit $3999 in monthly recurring revenue. Almost 4k. We also started to put other metrics on our open page. Since then we did hit the $4k.

See simpleanalytics.com/open.

We are very happy to have Dave on board. He is helping out with our never ending roadmap. In the graph you'll see a big chunk of red in our last month. Most of it is directly going to Dave a.k.a. to new features!

In the month of December we also had quite some freelance expenses, this is because we paid our candidates for their projects they needed to do as part of our hiring process.

Last months we moved our servers from Iceland to Amsterdam. We paid $382 for hosting last month. This is because we have bare metal servers now and we still have some servers running in Iceland. We are moving them away (most of them are already), but we didn't turn them off yet.

We paid $273 to services. We use the following services to monitor our websites: Hyperping, M/Monit, Browserstack, and Twilio. We never want to loose any of your data.

We use Helpscout for customer support and GitHub for code collaboration. MoneyMonk for our Dutch tax administration.

We added reminder emails for expiring subscriptions and when trials are ending. We expect a higher subscriber churn rate. At the moment it's 4.9%. We do think it's fair as an ethical business to inform your customers upon renewals and ending trials.

Since mid January we opened our doors for students. We welcomed 302 students in those days alone. We didn't expect much extra work because our tool it self-explanatory and we have our documentation, but you never know. For now it seems very doable.

Our newest feature with live page views in your dashboard has to wait a little bit. We saw a drop in page views with the that script. We were forced to rollback.

We are writing heavy browser tests to find the problems in that version plus all future versions. It feels way more mature how we work with our critical code now. With more and more customers, those parts get more critical every month.

Speaking of customers, we now have 322 paying customers. We connected quite some cool ones in the last few months including banks and governments and some extra customers from the UK because of PECR.

Take a look yourself on our new /open page and let us know what we should add for next monthly update.

Have a good one!

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