October 18, 2019

Introduced Image Action and Entries Page - 2.26.0

Igor Benić @igorbenic

The new version 2.26.0 introduced a new action which is completely different from the others. This made me refactor the whole action object so I can easily create different and more complex actions.

We have also introduced the first version of Entries Page. This page shows all the entries done by subscribers. That way you can manage entries and invalidate or delete if some action were done incorrectly.

The form fields setting was also redesigned so more fields can be introduced. We have introduced the Facebook fields so when someone signs up with Facebook login the form fields will be mapped with the correct values.

Read about all of this:


Today's Top Milestones
  • Started the first Season of MW!
    Today, I'm launching the first two episodes of Maker's Way first season. The 'Pilot' episode covers how I made $29.156 with a blockchain online course
  • Set up the landing page
    While I’m still designing the website I’ll use for it, I created a ConvertKit account and landing page. Lovelicons.com now points to that landing page