November 4, 2019

Sent my first newsletter

Slava Korolev @korolvs

Wow, this is quite... terrifying — sending an email to a bunch of people I don't personally know.
Even if there are less than 50 of them.
Even if they agreed to it (with double opt-in sign up 😃)

But eventually, it is pleasantly terrifying, because I'm sending good news — now you can easily customize colors and fonts while using

You can take a look at email here:

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    I remember this as well, I just launched a newsletter on responsible investment ( - about 6 weeks in and each week as the subscribers grow more and more pressure to make sure I am sending quality content!

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    I'll never forget first e-mail I sent out to a group of subscribers over ~100 people. You're spot on - terrifyingly pleasant to be able to reach out to that many people with a click of the button.

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    The gif on the email is pretty cool, what the CTR?

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      Open rate is 60% and click rate is 10% so far, which is quite cool for me 😃

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        Impressive. Taking notes, simple email with one good graphic and clear CTA

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    Haha, I know how it feels.

    Good luck!

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    Hopefully it is the first of many!

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    Congratulations! How are you generating these leads?

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      Thanks! Here and on Twitter for now

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    Congrats! I come from sales/mkt, so emailing/cold calling a bunch of ppl is the least terrifying thing in my day!
    Nice gif!

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      Thanks! I am a developer, it's a whole new world for me😊

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    First of all congrats!

    This is just the beginning.
    I also dod the same a couple of days ago, it was just the thank you for subscribe, at the moment to 7 users........of

    It has to feel amazing to send update email.
    I also used Mailchimp and Postcards by designmodo.

    Are you coding it yourself?

    Good luck Slava !

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      Bookmarked Nice pallets :)

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        Thanks mate !! I really appreciate that.

        Ig you do npt want to loose tje bookmark there's also a extension with any link on the page to take you straightaway to the page you want to !

        Again, thank you so much !

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      Yes, coding is the easiest part for me😊
      Good luck with your projects!

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        You welcome and thank you !