December 16, 2019

The first pivot(or not?)

Slava Korolev @korolvs

A month ago, I launched SimpleGoals — a tool that allows you to create easy-to-use achievements for your users. Even though I got a lot of positive feedback about it, the number of actual users was extremely low.

Well, it wasn't a surprise for me, because the reason is quite simple — people just don't know what to do with the tool. It had a large number of applications but didn't give you a cause or a way how to use it.

So today, I'm launching a first real-world application of SimpleGoals — growing your email list in a new, not annoying for your users, way:

I'm just validating an idea. Still, there is a market of popups collecting emails, and SimpleGoals allows you to do the same with more entertaining(and for sure less annoying) experience for your users.

If you read about startups and entrepreneurs, you often see that you need to be ready to pivot and consider it as a good thing. So let's see will it be good for me or not 😅. I'll post updates on my twitter( and more general results here.

To be honest, I'm not sure if it can be called a pivot, or there is a special term for changes like that, so I'll be more than happy to read your thought about it 😄

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