September 10, 2019

Averaging 50% week over week growth

Justin Hunter @jehunter5811

While we don’t expect to continue this level of growth forever, this has been exciting to see. It validates the market for us. To achieve this, we’ve refrained from paid marketing. We’ve set an internal goal of no paid marketing until we have at least 100 developers signed up.

What we’ve focused on is content and direct communication with developers. So far that’s worked well.

Next up: a HackerNews re-launch.

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    Congratulations! 🙌

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      Thanks, Anita!

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    What channels are you using to target developers? Which one was most fruitful for you?

    I ask because I'm working on some tools for developers too.

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      Hey Kenny,

      We started with our existing network. We build apps before launching and we’re tightly intertwined with a few communities. Then we expanded to other communities by building integrations with protocols/companies in those communities. That gave us access to their slacks, discord’s, forums, etc. It also gave us partners who were willing to do marketing for us.

      And now, we are cold emailing people that fit our niche. We’re finding them through various source (IH, Product Hunt, Github repos, etc). The response rate to this approach is, understandably much lower.

      For content, we publish on Hackernoon and Those have been great for us.

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        Thanks for the advice, that’s really useful.