January 20, 2020

Start having haters & our first Patreon!

Son Nguyen Kim @nguyenkims

With more and more paying customers, we are going to do an official launch soon and I start posting about SimpleLogin on some forums like Reddit, HN, Lobster. Lots of positive feedbacks. But also some haters who somehow hate everything I do :).

Having haters s**ks because they are usually very vocal on forums and talking with them is just a waste of time, not to mention the angry feelings they left behind. But looking at things positively, having haters is a sign of increase in popularity :).

In the meantime, SimpleLogin receives for the first time a donation! A person who deploys SimpleLogin by himself (the product is open source and can be self-hosted) contacted me and asked if he could donate. Of course no one could refuse that :).

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