December 30, 2019

There must be a better way

Darryl V Padgett @darrylvince

Given a new organization, several hundred spreadsheets of unorganized data, and employees that service customers based on geographic territories, I knew we had to come up with something better!

We had two major issues that are in our way to understanding what, how, why, and where our customers were requesting our assistance. Upon a quick audit of our data structures, I realized it was every marketing/analyst's nightmare.

Our data was in silos, important metrics attributed to our users were nothing more than a dream, and it was nearly impossible to assess the health of the program. In the least I knew we needed some cloud based infrastructure that would allow us to structure and store our data while making it easy for our employees to use it. Thus my journey began for a good software solution.

After digging through Zoho, Salesforce, and dozens of others, I noticed that most of them still require a heavy level of customization and training to employees in order to get them to a level of comfort using the program.

With a desire in mind to make things easier on myself and the company.. I began writing a script to mirror the company's structure and rules to automate the intake process.

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