December 19, 2019

Landing is ready

Maxim Manylov @manylov

Meet - pre-landing of my future product. Please leave your feedback in comments - what's wrong, what's may be better. I plan to start and finish first functional MVP in one week. Now I know how to start fast, without perfectionism, and hope I will do it right.

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    The text makes it very clear what the product does, well done.

    But my eyes go first to the big pic, and on my 14'' laptop screen I can't make out any details. I like to see screenshots of software or apps, so I think its great to have one there, but I'd be put off by this one. But maybe it's a mock-up at the moment.

    1. 1

      Thank you, and yes - probably it is not "landing ready" state ) Product is in development and interfaces not ready now. Maybe I need to place some more real mock-ups of future interface.

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    I think it looks very neat! Nice, big fonts make it very easy to read. Now you have to work on how to capture a user's interest in the 3/4 sentences they manage to see when landing ;-)

    You are missing all the header social sharing options though.

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      Yeah, I have my very first comment! Thank you!