August 21, 2019

MVP is Ready!

Danilo Kreimer @DaniloKreimer

After many hours of reading, researching the market, and understanding the advantages and challenges behind a productized service, I've put together a quick MVP for Singular Reach on Landen.

I've included 2 pre-launch plans (limited spots, with a lifetime discount) to refine the operational part and gather initial feedback.

Some close friends were already interested, and in the next days I'll start reaching out to my personal network and other founders on the B2B space to validate the idea.

You can check it out here:

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    How do you qualify leads at scale?

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      We identify and engage with each lead in a personalized way, and execute a drip campaign to first interact with them indirectly, then connect and build trust, and finally share relevant content and open a line of conversation.

      It's a time-consuming process and can't be automated (all the interaction with leads are human-powered), but the result is that we can identify and work with the very best leads, and conversion is way higher then traditional outbound methods (such as cold-calling and mailing).

      It's not for everyone, but depending on your CLV it is the shortest way to get traction / enter new niches.