October 12, 2019

Sipreads Featured by Product Hunt

Basile Samel @basilesamel

Two days ago, we launched on Product Hunt but it totally flopped! We didn't even get featured.


We asked for feedback on twitter on why people think it happened. The most insightful feedback we got was from @graeme and @anthilemoon (https://twitter.com/anthilemoon/status/1182573102552768514). They both pointed out that links didn't seem like links. People thought the excerpt was the full summary! 🙀

So we updated the heading with underlines and arrows to look like links and improved the newsletter CTA to be more clear.

We did the improvements for the future of Sipreads because we planned to continue adding books anyway. But in a weird twist of events, we were featured today on PH!

And we're #1 Product of the Day as well! Algorithms work in mysterious ways.

Hopefully, we can hold this position till the end of the day

Twitter Flopping thread: https://twitter.com/alisalahio/status/1182409883200741385

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