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May 26, 2021 Marketing Site

Found a template and have started replacing the content. This is pretty taxing. I'd almost rather be writing code, but I will push through. Feeling a bit better. Yesterday I kind of felt like I was going crazy. This pandemic loneliness is getting to me.

May 25, 2021 No Marketing Site + Lacking Motivation

I'm lacking motivation this week. Plus my marketing site expired so there is that. Feels like things are starting to crash down. I don't even know who would use this site... I mean I can barely tell people in coherent sentences what it does.. And they usually end up asking me Why?

Another day another struggle.

May 9, 2021 Bug Fix

Today, I wanted to show off my shiney new widget to my family. Ends up it didn't work. I had let a bad deploy through and it affected the site. Probably has been like this since my last post. #Whoops Luckily I was able to fix the mistake by commenting out some crapy code I had written. Onto the next ticket.

May 5, 2021 Ad Blocked!

Not even a full product yet and the widget already fails to send data back as it is blocked by both of my ad blockers. uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger... Not sure what to do about that, but it certainly requires more investigation. I didn't even realize this would even be an issue:/

May 4, 2021 Real Results Displaying!

I am finally displaying real results from the emoji feedback widget. This is such an exciting moment! I was positive I would quit and pursue something else before getting to this point, but NOPE! I have stuck with it and am happy with the progress. See the screenshot below!

  • May the 4th be with you
April 28, 2021 Working Widget

Tonight I was able to fix up a working version of the widget. You can see it live at the following link: it collects a users selection and then disappears. Simple, sweet and to the point. Hopefully, later on, I'll be able to take the feedback and show it to the user who embedded the widget in their site.

April 7, 2021 GUI Sneak Peak

I have reamped the UI a bit. Mainly by learning how to use Chakra UI correctly. This has greatly improved the site visually. Still not at a launchable state. Still need a registration form, way to edit the widget and wel... the widget. Slowly getting there though. Already farther than I thought I would be.

March 21, 2021 Competition

Did some competition research today and came across a few sites.

wootric - Seems like a pretty complicated product, I hope mine is easier to use than this. They use a lot of buzzwords on their landing page.

usersnap - Clean landing page. I like their widget, but they are really focused on reporting a bug, feedback, and getting help. Maybe mine will evolve into that too someday, but I'd like to offer more than that if possible for a good value.

feedbackify - Doesn't look like it's kept up-to-date. They show some big customers on their landing page.

userecho - Offers a chat type of interface to get feedback and collect data on users. Comes off as seeking out medium-sized businesses.

drift - Chat widget. Bot backed

intercom - Another chat widget that is bot backed. The idea is proven, but I find it quite annoying. They go as far as making notification sounds on sites.

Not super motivating but there it is. I'm probably in denial that my site can't fail. XD

February 22, 2021 Frontend Switch

I'm not really a frontend guy, at least that is what I thought. This past weekend I switched my project up from Rebass.JS to Chakra UI and WOW am I impressed. I was able to redo pretty much all existing functionality in only 2 days. Originally I had probably spent at least 40 hours total to get what I wanted and how I wanted it. Sure the Chakra UI doesn't look EXACTLY like my old app, but I'm happy it dosen't. It needed something and Chakra UI seems to of provided that more professional and polished look that I needed. Looking for to using this library more in the future.

January 16, 2021 Finally, Some Time To Work

After doing some chores, grabbing some groceries, and playing Mario Kart for a bit I am ready to hustle. I always find my hustle is more focus when I take some time for myself. Which is why I didn't just dive right in on Friday night.

Last week I got a HUGE PR merged into my main branch which was needed. I forgot all the changes made, but they were striking. I also was able to ensure the deployment pipeline to was intact.

Tonight I want to explore the concept of having a live preview of a widget. There is also the need for a rules feature, so the user can define when to show/hide the widget. Here I go!

Help bridge the gap between users and application owners.