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SiteFast is a scratching my own itch type of product. I ran into the repetitive task of building similar directory sites. These directory sites follow a similar structure, so I built SiteFast to save my time.

December 5, 2021 Month of marketing

This month(Nov), we published three sites on SiteFast as a marketing effort.
And they are Online Coding Bootcamps, Awesome Web Scraper and Remote Job Board.

They did not generate any buzz or users as I expected. One of the reasons might be that people are interested in the content the sites provide, but they did not notice the link to SiteFast on the footer.

November 14, 2021 A week with 2 paid subscribers

This week we published as part of the marketing campaign. This listing site provides a list of websites to get free stock photos, it is super useful for getting free stock photos for design purposes.

This week, we gained 2 paying customers, who requested features to build a custom template. We are hearing more and more such requests from paid/non-paid customers, hence we plan to build this feature.

The new feature will enable customers to import their existing Google Sheets and define which fields will be used for their site.

October 29, 2021 A week with no sign-ups

This week, we launched CI/CD tools( using SiteFast.

This is the first time that SiteFast has received no sign-ups. I think it is the removal of free plans and lack of marketing activities. Until now we have published 3 sites powered by SiteFast. And we will do a conclusion when it reaches 4.

October 22, 2021 New marketing site

This week, we launched Podcasts for Developers( using SiteFast.

Since the removal of the free plan, sign-ups dropped like hell as expected, we gain one customer this week(1 dollar plan).

He plans to use it as a personal tool to help with his daily operations. which is a good insight for us, It seems like the filter/search made the tool valuable for him.

October 15, 2021 Marketing site launch and free plan removal

This week, we launched a new website using SiteFast: Best Programming Channels.

To address the product-market fit problem, I decided to remove the free plan and added a 1 dollar plan. This is to make sure people who signed up are at least serious about it.

The experience of free users is that majority of them are not serious about this product, probably just checking out, since there was a free plan.

September 30, 2021 Kick start marketing week

This week, we launched a website podcasts for bootstrappers using SiteFast. As a part of the marketing plan, we are using SiteFast to build some useful websites for various communities.

Podcasts for bootstrappers lists some of the most popular podcasts for bootstrappers. Hopefully, sites like these reach certain traffic, and visitors will notice the value of SiteFast.

There are 30 plus signups so far, but zero paid users. I guess people like the idea when they first see it. But there is no real use case yet.

September 24, 2021 Done templates implementations

This week we implemented two more templates, and they are Event Listing and YouTube Wall.

The plan for September is to implement four templates before we start marketing heavily.

Today marks the day of templates completion. We have five templates on SiteFast(

Starting from next week, we are going to start the marketing activities. And the first thing I am going to do is to use SiteFast(own product) to create some useful listing sites. This will not only show people what SiteFast can be used for but also generate some buzz hopefully.

September 17, 2021 New template: job portal

This week, we spent all the time in development.

A new template(job portal) went live this week, users can now create job portal using Google Sheets via SiteFast. This is part of the new templates plan we set out at the beginning of this month, so far we have left two more templates to implement.

Marketing-wise, we gained one user only this month since we have not done any active marketing this month.

September 10, 2021 First active user and new template live

This week, we gained the first active user of SiteFast, he created a directory site for his company, it is really nice to see people finally started using our product.

Four users signed up despite no active marketing activities. I purposely slowed down marketing activities. I feel like it is a waste before I can really find the product-market fit.

The new template live went live today(, and this is to follow the plan of launching four new templates before I would heavily invest in marketing.

September 3, 2021 More templates and activation issue

More templates

This week, I designed two more templates: Event Listing and YouTube Wall. That completes the goal of designing four templates for SiteFast. So for September, I will implement the templates in SiteFast system:

YouTube Wall:


Event Listing:


Activation issue

I have about 10+ people registered for SiteFast. But the activation number is zero. Meaning there are no websites published by users.

I need to figure out the issue as soon as possible, I posted the same question on IH and got a response from Thomas Jacquesson, I think this might be the cause, I need to spend some time in researching the target audience and ways to reach them.


SiteFast is a scratching my own itch type of product. I ran into the repetitive task of building similar directory sites. These directory sites follow a similar structure, so I built SiteFast to save my time.