January 17, 2020

300th customer to end 2019

eelco @eelcoj

The 31st of December 2019 at 17:21 UTC Arnaud (from 🇩🇪) was the 300th person to buy a licence to Sjabloon (unlimited plan). 🎉 I’ve already contacted them to tell the news. Looking forward to see the amazing apps you will build, Arnaud!

2019 was the first full year of business, as Sjabloon launched in December 2018. It’s been a great a year. So many things happened: new features, new UI components and many products built using Sjabloon. 😊

  • added a section to celebrate products built with Sjabloon.
  • launched v1 of Sjabloon full of new features, all-new UI themes
  • welcomed on average 25 new customers every month…
  • …which makes a total of (almost) 300 customers…
  • …and almost built 1,200 apps altogether.

It's still a fun and satisfying side project (one that gives me plenty of time to work on my next product).

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