October 25, 2019

2000 Subscribers + 134k views


A few weeks ago, one of my blog posts hit the top of HN and since then I've gained 134k views this month!


I've learnt that hackernews doesn't really bring in that many new email subscribers (at least for me). I only gained about 100 from that. However, since then, my SEO has improved and I've gained over 1000 new viewers per day from Google search!

Some key things I've learned:

  • Create content that no one else has. When people talk about it, they must link to your content since no one else has created it
  • I feel like HN people don't sign up to email lists, since if any of my content is good it'll appear on the frontpage again - thus why sign up?

However, these past 2 days I've gained over 1000 subscribers!
This is actually a technique you can copy:

  • Create ebook
  • Publish the ebook online for free
  • Tell people to sign up if they want the free, nice ebook

Yes, they can read my book for free without signing up. But have you ever tried to read a 42,000 word article? On a phone? on a desktop?

So many things can go wrong. It might be too long and could cause lag. If you leave the window, it could reset your progress.
Also, some parts are left out. For example:

  • MathJax (LaTeX)
  • Table of contents
  • well typeset
    To get the full experience, all you need to do is subscribe.


Some key copy tips:

  • social proof. All you need to do is ask a friend for social proof, and bingo! you got it.
  • "gifted". Not "sign up and you'll get it". As in "this is a gift, just sign up".
  • Notice how I only say "sign up" once. All other words are either "gifted" or "get the book!"
  • Nice book cover in the landing page. Yeah this cover took me 4 seconds on canva and cost £0.99p.
  • Stairway benefits. At the bottom of the page, it looks like a stairway increasing to the right. A small visual design choice, but it looks really nice.
  • Frontload the benefits. This is the biggest copy tip I have. Here's some examples:
    "Your ultimate guide for designing herculean algorithms that impress your boss and friends!"
    When you get this book, you will impress your boss and friends. Instant benefit, at the front.

At the bottom:
"10x your algorithms"
"Master the paradigm only gifted to the few"
Wouldn't you like to be the only one in the office that has mastered algorithmic design & can 10x the speed of algorithms?

Frontload your benefits. Make it obvious, straight away, what they'll get from this.

Anyway, this is it for my first update on indiehacker! Thanks all 😁😁


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