First 10 onboarded users!

I manually onboarded each user in Budapest (from my group of friends) and learnt a lot in the process. They very quickly highlighted a number of bugs and improvements that I've now moved to fix – the majority of them were technical rather than product-level.

This first 10 in a concentrated area now starts to help build local momentum. With a geographic social app, having a local critical density is especially important – this app just connects people, and without people nearby, it offers nothing... which = unhappy users.

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    Also I recommend a tool like Fullstory or hotjar for recording website sessions. This way i've learned to improve the UX a lot.

    Plus, Fullstory is logging the JavaScript errors and network requests (pro version). So many goodies.

    1. 2

      Definitely a great tool for making data-driven UX improvements.

    2. 2

      Great tip, will take this on board!

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    Congrats on getting that feedback and then acting on it. 👍

    Pro tip -- build getting feedback into your processes now. It's the best way to gauge what your users and thinking, feeling and wanting.

    It'll save you a lot of headache trying to guess or figure it out by inferring.

    P.S. Budapest is a beautiful city.

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      So true and totally agree on baking feedback in ASAP.

      As it's a community product, I'm keen to try to establish an open dialogue between all the new members and make them a part of its development, so going to have a mini brainstorm ⚡️

      Thanks so much!

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    Including user interests would make this much more valuable, imo.

    1. 1

      Love this feedback – was thinking of implementing something along these lines, as people may simply want to make new friends in a new city.

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