September 4, 2019

Came up with the idea

Meghna Saxena @meghname

I met my cofounder Anna and we just struck a chord on revolutionizing "education". Atul join our mission soon after and made the team complete. After much brainstorming on a range of ideas including education for pregnant women in India to helping kids cheat (see SnapAsk) , we observed our friends struggling with keeping up with their careers. They were going the 996 route and still trying to catch up on courses on Coursera, Linkedin etc. Most couldnt find what exactly to learn, others didnt know which courses were good and yet others couldnt finish the courses.
So we took on the mantle of building a platform that solves these problems!
Micro-content - so they can read anytime, anywhere
Community Driven Curation - so only the well-liked content stays on the platform
Personalization - so the content they are recommended is good for them

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