September 8, 2019

Officially registered the Whaally company!


Over the past period of time SkyHop has progressed to the point where it could possibly be launched. This brings additional challenges with it. Most of the administrative tasks are finished. User registration is in place, the algorithms work beautifully, payment systems work correctly, and there's still a roadmap to work on after launch.

In order to move forward from here I launched the company which will be continuing development on this project: Whaally. It represents the sound one makes when eating a pie and thinking "Really?!! A whale?".

Jokes aside, I had a few options to choose from when it came to naming. Most of it is related to where I want to see this company grow over the upcoming years. It's this moment when I start something new, that I'm already thinking about ending it. What if I would be using my own name in the company's name? Would I be able to sell it than? Though I don't know about that already, I can only imagine that would make it more difficult.

On the other hand I do not want to constraint myself to a specific industry either. I could have named the company just 'SkyHop', but that would not fit my future business plans, where I want to be able to pursue my interests, whatever those are. In this regard SkyHop would just be one of the projects launched from here. Considering this I was looking for something generic, which would be somewhat easy to remember for me.

And that, my friends, is how Whaally came to be.

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