January 8, 2020

100 Paying Customers!

Josh @jimmyjazz

Just hit 100 paying customers for this app. We plateued around the end of October with our organic growth and conversions, and for some reason just couldn't quite break that 100 threshold.

I saw some drop off in growth over the holiday period (made sense, we're a b2b app) and also some competitors came into the space.

I changed up our pricing and added some long requested features and it looks like we're back on track.

As of writing:

100 active customers
17.95% churn rate (I think this is a bit skewed, but have begun to address with better pricing)
3.87 - average number of charges
$72.48 - average revenue per customer

Non-revenue stats
1848 workspaces have installed.
134 currently on trial (this has dropped significantly which is a concern for long term growth)
4509 total users have used

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