December 8, 2019

Moving too slowly and fixing it

Josh @jimmyjazz

This morning I realised I've fallen into the trap of moving to slowly. Pricing was something I know I needed to fix but I thought I needed to do everything properly and right the first time. I've spent days building reports and looking at data and nothing's changed in the product or pricing in a probably a month.

When you're working on a project nights and weekends it's easy to let it slip by when it's just growing, but I'm seeing growth start to slow.

When I first built this app almost none of the features were automated outside of the core functionality. Everything administrative had to be manually reviewed which let me move fast and understand the product more.

I'm going back to that mentality with pricing now. Instead of building a full billing system out, how can I build out new pricing in the couple hours I have before work starts.

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