July 7, 2020

My first 20 users - got some feedback 🤗

Fredrik @fredrik

About 2 weeks ago I launched Slick.events and I have already managed to get 20 users - but more importantly received some really good feedback.

"Hey, really like your product, I feel we need documentation ASAP"
"I just tried your app and i didnt really get it at first but when I saw that I make changes to my Google Sheet and my event website is automatically updated I felt that it was really cool".

Thanks to that and some other great feedback we added a couple of things to Slick.events, documentation being the more important one (you can find it on our website).

Some other nice features we also launched are:

  • Premium design: Make your event website stand out even more with an ever nicer looking website design.
  • Attendees receives email receipts upon successful registration

We are working on completing another really interesting thing, more about that in the next post.

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