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Everything's gone remote, and we want to help bring people together while they're far apart.

July 1, 2021 We made our first $10k

We're working hard on our content marketing and SEO, as well as optimizing PPC ads, and we're seeing a pick up in organic traffic in addition to paid conversions.

We're slowly and steadily increasing user numbers, and now the big next question is churn mitigation. We have a lot of ideas for how to manage this (better onboarding flow, actually connecting with our email list, etc). It's an exciting next step!

May 2021 Hit $1k MRR

Yesterday we reached a big goal post — we hit $1,024 in recurring monthly revenue. New users keep signing up (which is exciting and interesting, because we haven't been doing much marketing other than gAdwords).

Our CPA in Adwords is around $5 per freemium user, which JUST MIGHT MEAN, depending on churn and conversion rates at larger scale, we could potentially be profitable using Adwords as our main (only?) marketing channel. This is huge.

And when we add on the content marketing SEO plan we're in the midst of setting up, we could have something real, and really profitable, on our hands here.🎉

February 23, 2021 We just reached 1000 signed up users

1009, to be exact. Here's how we've done it so far!

  • Content: creating sharable and high-value content (like for example) for people in our target area. We even hit the front page of Hacker News with a post about gamifying team building (which lead directly to a ~hundred new users (and one paid conversion!)).

  • Joining communities and creating online live events specifically designed for those communities to 1) show off our tool but also importantly 2) actually provide value to the community's users.

  • Running games & events for our growing network. I ran a super-intense "Harry Potter Trivia Night" where a lot of ringers from Reddit showed up and swept the floor with us. We got larger communities like Running Remote to us us as an icebreaker game. Generally just offering our tool with no strings, with the intent of making these things more fun for people.

It's working!

January 26, 2021 We made our first $1,000 today!

We're working on SEO and community outreach as our main marketing channels currently. With a lot of little posts here and there, and some content up on our newly-launched blog, we've been seeing organic traffic slowly overtake paid placements.

It seems like it's working! We have people paying us for this product we invented out of thin air. It's very cool!

September 20, 2020 First Sign Ups

We're starting to get our first sight-unseen, un-marketed-to accounts created! People seem to need this tool right now, and we haven't been doing much promo at all yet.

Our next big hurdle is going to be getting those sign-ups to create their first decks and present them to a group. People are definitely copying the pre-made / template content to use, but the stumbling point definitely comes at the "Play Your Event" stage. So it's onboarding UI funnel time!

July 28, 2020 MVP is live!

We've been toying around with this, but now we've got a live product that actually works.

We've made this browser-based event / experience builder that users can plug and play into games and audience interaction. We're built using VueJs on the front-end and Hasura + PostgreSQL for our GraphQL API/Database. We're using Nhost for authentication and file storage (on DigitalOcean) and everything is served through Netlify.

We're going to play test with a group of friends at our weekly remote Quizzo night, and we're super excited to see what they think.


Everything's gone remote, and we want to help bring people together while they're far apart.