The idea

In June 2014 my brother was defending his career final project and I was helping him with the design of the presentation that he would project in front of the court. Since I didn't have Powerpoint installed at home, I decided to work with Google Slides and in an hour I had a more than decent template ready. I remember that I was even surprised at how little it had taken.
After the experience with my brother I knew that the speed in designing and the experience with the presentation software gave me a great advantage. Could I offer free templates and look for a way to monetize? Surely I wasn't the first to think about it, so... was there a niche I could exploit?
I first took a look at the situation with a quick Google search, the offer was at two extremes:

  • Free templates of low quality, with just 2 variants of slides and designs more typical of the 90s.
  • Very high quality payment templates, with professional design, hundreds of different slides and all possible customization options.
    I already had my niche, there was a gap for free templates with a decent design, but not so professional that I had to invest many hours to make them. In addition, the offer for Google Slides was non-existent beyond the 4 options offered by the application itself.
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