November 3, 2019

Getting my third visa rejection

Ismail Ghallou @smakosh

My application visa into the Schengen territory has just got denied for the third time in a row, before I mention the reasons and their stupid claims on why it got denied, let me walk you through all the stories behind every each visa application that got denied.

I, like any other Moroccan citizen, am thinking of relocating to a better sustainable and well developed country, but while I’m still in Morocco, I’ve been trying my best solving my issues in my own ways, like teaching myself how to code to successfully land a job as a front-end engineer and later on as a full-stack engineer instead of making excuses and blaming the educational system.

Or instead of making excuses of the low salary software engineers get in Morocco and blaming the employers, I was working remotely for US based startups to cover my expenses as we’re not really getting paid well here in Morocco.

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      I'm not interested in immigrating to France! and I did get my 10 years US visa

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