I had the idea!

Why don't create an app where programmers or simple nerds could meet and share coding tricks?
So I created SmartCoding.
The idea is simple: allow developers from all over the world to learn new programming tricks, languages or stay informed about cool facts of the geek world.
I had no money, so I opted out for an Android app, where everything is hosted on a free web service and.. tada SmartCoding is online!
The app has dynamic sections, they update everytime, as soon as I get new content to share.. no frequent app updates needed (I know devs hate frequent updates..)!

Devs are like creators, so I added the section 'Share your knowledge' to give random users a way to share their cool coding tricks or whatever concerning the nerd world.

  1. 1

    Are you aware there’s a ton of communities like this already?

    I don’t mean that’s a reason not to build your app. It’s just that your post makes it sound like this is a brand new thing.

    1. 1

      Sure I know that.
      There are lots of programming apps.
      My SmartCoding mainly deals with 'Programming tricks', that's the difference. I do not post simple basic coding tutorials.
      So, can you find a single app on the Play Store with this peculiarity? Honestly I can't, maybe you're better in searching than me.. or you just like to be an assh*le (joking) :)

      1. 1

        Nope just trying to be helpful. I’ll try not to make that mistake again.

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