August 16, 2019

Launched on ProductHunt

Vinicius Flores @ViniFlores

It was not the best experience in the world :P

I was really excited at first, it was our first product being shipped, my blood was boiling to show it to people and hear their thoughts.

But, we posted, and got no questions nor traffic from there, Product Hunt kinda is maybe our target public considering a lot of them are entrepreneurs and could need a form backend service, but I got nothing out of there.

We have no experience at all with business, we think that launching without a Hunter was a mistake, got no upvotes at the beginning to even get visibility on popular tab, that I am taking to heart (look for a Hunter next time I launch something there).

But we already recovered of this unforeseen and already got back to improving our SaaS and focusing on SEO for inbound traffic.

We hope we have a better milestone to post here in a month or two :P

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