December 21, 2019

50 Paid Users Reached!

Rajat Vaghani @cybersky

For someone who wasn't expecting anything out of this, to reach such a milestone - brings so much excitement!

I'm not sure, but probably it works the same with everyone, things like this just make you want to work more, work harder and reach more such milestones. Such exciting times.

Hoping 2020 does good to Snap Search ( ), as well as the rest of the decade 🙂

Happy holidays to all!

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    congrats but think your site is offline

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      Oops, seems to be back online now though.

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    Congrats on the milestone Cybersky. I'm working on a platform for developers to showcase their products. Would you be willing to add your showcase image to our beta launch? :)

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      Hi, thank you! 🙂

      Sure -- how do I do that?

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        Reach out to me on [email protected] and I'll be happy to receive your showcase image.

        1600x1200, 1200x900, 800x700, 800x600, 400x300 are all great sizes.

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          Thanks. I've just sent out an email :)

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    Would be awful to tell in the website which features require a subscription. Not clear as it says download free. What is free what is not free?

    Thanks for your work spreading privacy aware software.

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      I'm sorry, I didn't follow exactly. Are you suggesting I should put up information about the subscriptions?

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        Yes. It has become a trend for apps to hide premium features, I. E hide that certain features are not free.. Your landing page says free all over the place. It lists a lot of features, but no sign of 'free' vs 'priced'.

        The Web page design is great, it just smells a subscription trap and indeed it is subscription based. Considering your very reasonable pricing, I think you better make it clear in the site 😏

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          I think the reason behind most (and me included) people to exclude mentioning something like this is driving away users instantly. They'll just see the pricing (even if its ridiculously cheap like mine) and close the window.

          Truth be spoken, almost everything listed is free. You can do what it says without paying a single penny ever. You just have to pay really little amounts if you want more. I am hoping users that download it, find it worth it and then decide.

          PS: Technically the word free is mentioned only once 😜

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            It appears 3 times. The words subscription, inapp purchse or pricing appears nowhere. If you get my point. But I get yours, and yes users have become allergic being asked to pay. And for good reasons most sites harass users with click here to buy buttons. But it's in a way what you are doing.. . Down the road. Enticing users to use a free app, then charge them for advanced features.

            I think people deserve transparency. Your site does a great job at showing what your app does. But it makes user having to download your app just to be able to find the pricing of your premium features which aren't even distinguished from the free features. I hope you see that a privacy protection app should be sensitive to this. Having to download an app is anti privacy imo, and it's also a time drain. (I did that then uninstalled, maybe clarity from the get go would have made me feel different and want to contribute to financing your great work)

            Anyhow, it is not criticizing your tactic as unethical, nothing too unusual is being done there. Just think about how to entirely differentiate your service, I predict you would get even more and better paying customers 😉

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              Yeah i get your point. I will probably research a bit more and get more examples on how other's are handling this and see what's the best I can come up with....

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    Congratulations looks really good. If you don't mind me asking, what framework did you use for development?

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      Thank you @0darkvoid0 🙂

      I've used Tatsu along with Wordpress for this.

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          Oh oops, so sorry.

          It's on native Android with Java :)

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            ah right, I thought it would be non-native due to the UI. Do you plan to release an iOS version?

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              To be honest, I've started development on the iOS version. But also, while completing that, I managed 2 new updates to the Android one. I'm not an iOS developer, so it's taking me a bit long. But yes, I do have plans to get an iOS version out. It's about 40% completed right now.

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    Cool stuff, I actually use this. All the best man.

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    Thats awesome! Wish you all the best for 2020 💫

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      Thank you @Zwenza, all the best to you too ✌🏼

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    Congratulations! This is great stuff. All the best.

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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      Thank you so much for the kind words, I appreciate it more than I can express 😁