June 3, 2020

A Big Upgrade: Released v4.6! YES!

Rajat Vaghani @cybersky

When I started along the path of developing Snap Search I didn’t think too far down the road. I knew the browser space had a lot of competition, and there probably wouldn’t be too much room for improvement. So I focused as much as I could on the privacy aspect of the app. Multiple app updates later, it feels good to know that even today I could add something new and which hasn’t been done before – something that makes Snap Search even more unique.

I'm super proud to share v4.6 with ya'll! It has so many improvements and feature updates that set it apart. Here are some:

↪ You can edit web pages you visit!
↪ Expand shortened URLs easily.
↪ Auto close the irritating GDPR & Cookie consent popups
↪ Disable AMP on Google Search results
↪ Added a 'Fastest' server option for proxy mode.
↪ Improved downloading capability of the browser.
↪ Lots of new settings to modify the behaviour of the app.

You could read more about the update here, or just go ahead and download it from the play store 😁

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