December 14, 2019

Came up with an idea

Shash @shash7

So I use a browser extension to quickly see how a particular google font would look like on a live website.
I do this cause just trying out fonts in a text area isn't enough. It's only when a font is applied to the actual design that a lot of things become clear. Like how font weights and styles affect the overall design, how crisp does the font looks like on windows, how does it look on mobile displays, etc.

The extension that I was using wasn't very good but I kept using it until I decided this is not working out and I need to use a better extension to preview fonts. So I tried a few other but they were either missing a few critical features or were extremely clunky UI wise or were unmaintained.

So I decided to make my own browser extension to preview fonts.
For this project, I used the vue ui to scaffold the extension. For the frontend I used bootstrap-vue.

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