October 22, 2019

Stats from first month in the MS Teams app store

James @JamesB

I thought some of these stats might be helpful for those thinking of launching on platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack. We've been in the Slack app store for over a year now and have just recently launched our live chat in the Microsoft Teams app store.

Since launching on 9/16 of last month here are the initial stats.

Total app installs from MS Teams: 527

Currently in trial: 150

App upgrades to paid plan: 10

It really took me about a week to smooth out the initial onboarding flow as installing apps in Microsoft Teams can be tricky. The trial to paid account conversion is a bit lower than what I would hope for, so definitely more work to do here with improving the activation process, help articles, and drip campaigns (I only send 2 emails right now, a welcome and a trial expiring email). Certainly a lot of areas for improvement but I think a decent start!

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