October 22, 2019

Released Beta on the Google Play Store

Matthew Mukalere @Matthcw

I released the app beta quietly, only sharing it on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. No IndieHackers, No HackerNews, No ProductHunt. I was not ready.

It started of slowly, I got to about 10 installs in less than 2 weeks. Then it started doubling every few days. 10, 20, 50, then 100, then 200.

I also added in Ads using Google AdMob, but I don't think that the Ads ever showed due to some technical issues. But I did not care, I was just happy that people were using my first ever mobile app.

Today's Top Milestones
  • New anti-procrastination guide out!
    We've just released a new guide (How to finally stop procrastinating) on overcoming procrastination! As a maker, founder, and indie hacker, I use the
  • 2000+ webpage comparisons generated
    This week https://lightest.app was mentioned by a few Twitter influencers in Frontend development. Google Analytics shows ~1200 visitors in a week but
  • Trending on BetaList
    Second launch and another time landed in the trending section! Traffic hasn't been crazy so far, with <300 visits in the last 2 days. Solid conversion