February 2, 2020

First paying customer!

Ignace M @Nebulic

This feeling is unreal. I received a Slack notification from the Stripe integration saying there was a checkout session completed. It took me a whole 10 seconds until I realized what actually happened. I’ve got my first customer!

Just about a year ago I had this idea of creating a simple tool to track the social media performance of my side projects, and now a year later I’ve managed to get other people to use and pay for it too! Crazy!

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on the tool, but I had yet to convert any user to the paid plans. Until now! To my surprise, the customer actually bought the most expensive package which is offered. (A whopping $40!) I would love to give you some insights on how I did this, but I haven't done any secret marketing or advertisement tricks. The customer found my tool organically. (which shows you shouldn't forget about those channels 😁)

Product-wise, there’s still a lot of room to improve the tool. The paid plans are still a bit too complex to grasp at first, which is probably why it took a while to get a customer. But the truth was that I’ve put a lot of hours into this side project and the motivation to continue was on a low. This changed completely now that I have some first validation!

Thank you for all the support I’ve gotten here on IndieHackers, it’s been really motivating!

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