November 29, 2019

Black Friday Only - Product Hunt Launch

Jack Maddox @Maddoxjack

First off... glad I woke up before the launch... caught the server acting funny last minute! Phew...

Yesterday I decided to release a special 24-hour-only Black Friday deal hunter Socialwise account on Product Hunt today. Truthfully, I wish I had thought of doing it a bit earlier than midday yesterday but it was an insane rush getting everything I needed to do built and prepped and ready for launch.

What is a Black Friday deal hunter account? Well to demonstrate some of the search skills at play at Socialwise I wanted to target our searches on the latest Black Friday deals as they hit Twitter. The account is free to use (just join the mailing list) and will only exist for 24 hours before self-destructing!

So instead of the columns being full of customer leads or competitor intelligence for b2b, today it's b2c to show off what it can do! The content is actually pretty good too. Found a legitimate Xbox One S deal for $99 on Ebay haha.

Anyway, I'd love for you guys at Indie Hackers to give it a try too and possibly an upvote on Product Hunt, link here:

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