October 7, 2019

Early Stage Promotions & Testing

Jack Maddox @Maddoxjack

I've been naughty in missing the past few of these. Had a lot of crazy going-on with moving homes and some other outside of work challenges but that's all sorted now.

Good news is the web application is successfully deployed. And I've gotta say, deploying is SO MUCH HARDER than it looks and sounds in every guide you follow. Spent way too many days on this part but fortunately you learn through doing right?

I've had the web server running with a few test accounts for the past 10 days and zero crashes so that's a good sign.

Next up I need to tidy up the test version a bit but also need to make sure I keep another foot firmly in the promotional camp too.

Posted the landing page on the appropriate section here for a bit of feedback. Invited all the fam/friends to like the page on FB. Scaling up the content production for Twitter and Insta and will soon start going forward with approaching people over LinkedIn.

Fun and busy, busy times ahead.

Hope y'all are doing well.

  • Jack
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