October 9, 2019

First 2 Businesses want Beta Accounts!

Jack Maddox @Maddoxjack

Small win but given how as an Indie hacker you constantly undervalue your own product it feels good and validating.

I initially demo'd the earliest non-scalable MVP of socialwise by at the demo day of my bootcamp and managed to get a couple dozen emails that day.

Followed up with a fairly personalised note with each business that next morning. Now a couple months on I've started with the soft rollout on social and followed back up with the original businesses.

Had 2 of them explicitly say they want to join the beta and another couple follow on social accounts.

Glad to see they weren't just paying me lip service!

...now to just make sure it's all running good still!

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    Always celebrate the little-big wins! :D

    1. 1

      Gotta enjoy the journey as much as the destination. :)