September 9, 2019

Landing Page Complete? Social Accounts Created

Jack Maddox @Maddoxjack

I'm always surprised by how much longer some of these things take than you expect. Even though I used Wix for the landing page, which I expected to be a quick template job but somehow ended up starting it completely from scratch and spending a lot of time reworking the messaging.

Actually... a couple thoughts on Wix:

I had no intentions on using Wix or any website builder like this. My plan was to just add a landing page to my web application and tie it all in but got taken down their sales funnel after using their logo generator and being blown away with the results. I thought why not give it a try? And I have been so impressed. It's just so damn easy. Even the business cards they include for you are good quality. I know that if I had gone down the code it yourself route I would be nowhere as far along as I am right now.

By using one of these quick website building tools I've been able to get an information page up for anyone I talk to about this business and something to direct them to, making sure than no interaction is wasted.

This week I hope to polish off the web application itself. It SHOULD just be a few small changes... famous last words...

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