December 6, 2019

Signed First B2B Client!!!

Jack Maddox @Maddoxjack

What a fantastic feeling! It's been 3 months since the official founding of Socialwise and we now have the first monthly subscribed business on board.

The past couple weeks I will admit I felt some vulnerability behind the concept and maybe that I'd built something that no one had asked for/needed, but this is some great market validation.

The customer is a legitimate, well thought of and established business and the monthly fee is a good amount too. In the hundreds.

First sale is always the hardest sale. Can't wait to take this momentum into more deals and continue the growth of Socialwise!

Absolutely brilliant.

Even learned from this process about additional offerings I could potentially include in further packages to really build out our service too.

But damn... built something someone wants to pay for! What a feeling.

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