July 12, 2020

$437 MRR and 532 email subscribers in 1 week! AMA!

Kevin Conti @Kevcon80

Demand for softwareideas.io has exploded over the past week since its public launch. Here are the three main reasons I believe it is doing so well:

1. Pre-sales:

I pre-sold softwareideas.io to 11 people. I could have done more, but that was out of only 35 conversations, so I knew that I had a product that people wanted and were willing to pay for. This let me de-risk the process of launching the newsletter, and I can't recommend doing this step enough.

2. Channel validation

Before committing to this project, I also validated that I could actually get attention in the channels I thought would work. I did this by releasing free content on IndieHackers and on Reddit.

Skipping this step has been the death of my last three businesses. You have assumptions about how you'll reach customers, but part of the idea validation step should be testing those assumptions and seeing if they are true.

3. Focusing on my best-fit customer

During pre-sales, I learned that my best-fit customer (the person who says "Shut up and take my money!" is someone who is actively looking for their next business idea.

With this in mind, I've been able to optimize for that person. I can qualify incoming leads, and not feel bad if they say no if they aren't my best-fit customer.

I've also been able to price-out anyone who isn't a best-fit customer. Softwareideas.io costs $57 for a quarterly (three month) subscription, which only makes sense if you feel it is actively helping you in starting your company.

Maybe in the future I'll make an offering for customers who aren't the best-fit, but for now I'm focused exclusively on making their lives better.

I hope this helps you! I'm happy to answer any questions in the comments below.

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