October 1, 2020

Software Ideas September Metrics ($5.5k MRR)

Kevin Conti @Kevcon80

Every month, I want to post and recap some of my KPIs for Software Ideas.


September 1st: $3,706 MRR
October 1st: $5,544 MRR

User churn

September 1st: 1%
October 1st: 1.1%

Email list -> paid member conversion rate

September 1st: 8.8%
October 1st: 10.5%

You can find a number of my other metrics available publicly here


I was incredibly busy this month. I moved states (NC to FL), and it was all I could do to keep up with the newsletter. The fact that the conversion rate is increasing is amazing, but it did mask a decline of new people I was able to reach.

The goal for August was to expand out to try a number of new channels, but due to the tight schedule I had to put that on hold, for the most part.

Based on that, here are my goals for August:

  1. Get conversion rate to 12.5% (which would be double my original conversion rate from the start of the project)

  2. Explore the following channels: Referral program, podcasts, SEO, and content marketing.

  1. 2

    Impressive growth! Where did it come from?

    1. 2

      Thanks! Word of mouth, Twitter, IH, some newsletter sponsorships, some podcasts, some referrals!

      I currently have a grab bag of channels I'm investigating to see what drives the best results. I'll have more clear answer on this over the coming months!

  2. 1

    Really impressive, especially your super low churn and high conversion rate!
    Wish you all the best!

    1. 1

      Thanks! We'll find out what the real numbers look like this month, when people's subscriptions are up for renewal.

      Still, looks promising so far!

Today's Top Milestones
  • Hit $6K MRR and got featured in TechCrunch
    Plausible Analytics just hit $6,050 MRR from 974 paying subscribers! Thank you all for your trust and support! We also got a nice surprise: a mention
  • $1K ARR
    This week Siteoly reached $1K ARR https://siteoly.com - The fastest way to build websites from Google sheets. I know its only ARR but not MRR but it's
  • 25 People Signed Up!
    Actually, it's over 30 now, but 25 was the milestone for me. A quarter of a hundred people! So I posted the project to Hacker News yesterday and even
  • Donated 50 trees
    I've reached the milestone of donating 50 trees from my Gumroad earnings of my E-book Start With A Side-Project, each tree was gifted to a buyer, so t
  • 40 users!
    Learned that things take longer than we would want them to so may as well start as soon as you can and continue talking to as many users as possible.
  • Added video chatting into our mobile app.
    I had an awful time with Sinch customer service and had to email everyone in their entire company including C-level guys with my fancy marketing tools
  • MVP Nearly Done
    Apparently, if I don't try to create a production-ready project from the start (by that I mean a lot of fiddling with AWS services) and take a step-by
  • Launched MVP
    Built a UI experience plus backend on Heroku at https://flowhook.herokuapp.com which is now free to use, launched a Grafana community plugin PR. Opene
  • Added demo on landing page
    Recently I was thinking that it's kind of a bummer that you have to register to get a first view of your timeline. This is why I added, right on the l
  • Preparing to shut down the product
    I learnt that Trainer's Joy solves a problem that seems to be too rare. A trainer will not redesign their trainings often enough that this product wil